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Strengthening Our Economy

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Business and the Economy

Sacramento’s next mayor must continue and elevate the economic renaissance our city is beginning to experience. Sacramento has a proud tradition of being home to thousands of public service workers. As Mayor, I will use my office to diversify our local economy and to attract and retain high wage employers to Sacramento. I will devote my time and attention to helping our local businesses expand and flourish. The city’s bold housing initiative will only work if there are more private sector high wage job opportunities. We are losing too much of our talent to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. It’s time to create the types of jobs that will keep our workforce strong.

Let’s Be Business Friendly

There’s no question that Sacramento’s economy is recovering. While the renaissance downtown is vital, we need to support our local business corridors and neighborhood establishments as well. I believe that I have the vision, experience and reach to lead Sacramento and to push the momentum citywide.

As Mayor, I will make Sacramento a business friendly city. We need to create an environment that makes businesses want to locate here and grow:

• Create a vibrant riverfront in Sacramento. We are the confluence of two rivers. The riverfront should be our main street. I am going to make this a focus.

• Expand the Convention Center and fix the Community Center Theatre. We are failing to capitalize on our potential to be a tourist destination around arts and entertainment. Our farm to fork movement is a great draw, but we need to do much more to make Sacramento a destination city. Not only does this bring dollars into our economy, it helps bring awareness to those businesses that may be looking to relocate to a new community.

• Ensure our city budget is balanced, and find room in the budget to grow Sacramento’s new innovation fund so we have the resources to attract and retain high wage companies that make a long-term commitment to our community.

• Pay special attention to successful local restaurants that want to expand or open second locations.

• Commit to real permit streamlining for any employer that is creating 25 or more high wage jobs in Sacramento. It should be easy to open a business here, not a series of bureaucratic hurdles.

Cleaning Up & Modernizing our Public Transportation System

Every great city has a quality public transportation system. Sacramento’s bus and light rail system needs a comprehensive upgrade. The buses and rail cars should be clean and passengers need to feel safe. The system also needs to be modernized to include amenities like WiFi. I authored a state law that requires 10 percent of the state’s Cap and Trade funding to be spent on transit. As Mayor, I will ensure that we get our fair share of state monies to clean up and modernize our public transportation.

Career Pathways – Connecting Our Schools And Local Businesses

In order to attract high-wage employers, we need to provide a qualified workforce. This begins with preschool and its bookend is career pathways in high schools – curriculum that prepares students for the 21st century workforce. As the Senate leader, I delivered millions to Sacramento area schools to help prepare our students for jobs in the modern economy. As Mayor, I will do more, working with our schools and employers to ensure good job opportunities our kids deserve and a qualified workforce our local businesses need to succeed.

Economic Prosperity For Everyone

Growing the private sector economy in Sacramento is the best chance we have to build a robust tax base. The benefits of that growing tax base must be spread throughout Sacramento’s neighborhoods. Public safety, parks, arts and youth will be my budget priorities.

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