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Todd Reiners

"...I knew Darrell’s compassion for the poor and the homeless was real..."

Todd reiners

Darrell Steinberg was the first person to greet me at his inaugural volunteer mixer. I had never met Senator Steinberg before but I invited him to join our homeless population for a few days on the streets to learn about the culture of poverty, despair, and hope, that most people never see. Despite his busy schedule, Mr. Steinberg was open to the idea. That meant a lot to me because few politicians would even consider such a proposal.

In that moment, I knew Darrell’s compassion for the poor and the homeless was real. I know that Darrell will not always be there in person on the streets to help the poor and homeless, but he will make sure our City and community will be.

I’m a computer engineer working in health care, but I’ve lived on the streets. Under Darrell’s leadership, I believe that Sacramento will guide the nation in ending suffering for our homeless communities.

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