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Jennifer Fearing


"Darrell Steinberg has an extraordinary record of humane leadership...I support Darrell’s vision for a more humane and compassionate Sacramento and look forward to voting for him as our next mayor."


You know what? If every Sacramento voter with a pet voted for Darrell Steinberg for mayor, that’d be a wrap. And if every Sacramento voter who cares about animals voted for him, well, he’d win in a landslide.

Sacramento is full of animal lovers. We care about our dogs and cats – those we cherish as family members as well as those who meet misfortune and wind up in our local shelters. We care about stopping cruelty and abuse. We want our homeless pet owners to have the support they need to maintain what can often be critical companionship. We recognize the importance of raising animals for food in ways that recognize that those animals deserve humane treatment. We want to minimize human conflicts with the wild animals who call Sacramento home.

Darrell Steinberg has an extraordinary record of humane leadership. While he was on the city council, the animal shelter’s budget was grown to start addressing our community’s needs including funding for more animal care staff and subsidized spay/neuter services. The Humane Society of the United States honored Darrell with their “state legislator of the year” award in 2013, calling out his consistent leadership to protect wild animals like bears, bobcats and sharks from cruelty, harassment and conservation threats. He regularly scored 100% on the Humane Society Legislative Fund scorecard. He was an early endorser of Proposition 2 in 2008, one of the most successful citizen initiatives in California history, garnering 63.5% support for ending the caged confinement of chickens, pigs and calves. And he supported California’s effort to join countries like Israel, Germany, Italy, Argentina and Brazil in protecting geese and ducks from cruel and unnecessary force-feeding to fatten and disease their livers for pricy foie gras.

I support Darrell’s vision for a more humane and compassionate Sacramento and look forward to voting for him as our next mayor.

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